Organizational Development

Our Organizational Development competencies include:

Developing a business model

Helping companies enter new markets and new areas of business. The group works with companies to identify markets, assess market size, segmentation and attractiveness. We identify various means of market entry, thereby providing clients with a complete data and analysis package for informed decision making and business development.

Organizational development assignments including capacity building, and mentoring.

As organizations grow and face new challenges due to internal and external factors the need for developing organizational capabilities and the capacity to face challenges increases. We have worked with clients on the whole spectrum of organizational needs from human resource planning and system development to supply chain. Developed models suited to individual needs for forecasting and sales force tracking to increase the organization’s capacity for handling various needs. In addition to providing models and solutions we work with clients for training and mentoring their staff over a period of time to adopt the models and internalize the new procedures and policies.

Preparing marketing & sales strategies for products and services.

We work with clients to identify and develop marketing and sales strategies for product launches, product re-launches and rebranding. Our objective is to bring an outside voice to their strategy development discussions with ideas from other industries that can help spark creative decision making.

Assisting in setting up distribution network / designing distribution network.

Clients have also worked with us on distribution issues. Extending distribution of existing brands and identifying suitable distribution networks for new products and projects. We also advise on extension into the realm of online distribution and e-stores.

Marketing planning processes and development workshops.

Marketing planning processes need to be institutionalized and conducted at regular predetermined intervals. We work with clients to identify specific needs and develop processes and tools to enable them to set in place structured processes. We also conduct development workshops to help them put such processes into practice.

Market research

With over 30 years of experience in marketing research we like to believe that we are one of the pioneers in rural research especially in the agricultural sector. A large variety of clients and an equally large portfolio of projects have helped hone our expertise in this area.

Our consultancy projects are tailored to individual client needs. Trainings cover all the hierarchical levels of a company and are customer-specific. The emphasis in trainings is on practice rather than philosophy. Our training experience goes beyond the classroom to actually coaching people on-the-job. Marketing research, especially in rural and semi-urban markets is also our forte.