Classroom training

Training Needs Analysis forms the basis of the course content in classroom training. We make trainings interactive as real learning takes place when trainees take part in discussions. Giving real life examples makes the understanding of the concepts easier. Thus our trainings are known to be “practical”. To enhance teamwork we take care of the way participants are seated. Having the right environment is necessary for keeping them energetic throughout the day. We desire that the training is also attended by trainees’ supervisors. The leaders can then play a role of taking the training forward by coaching the followers in the concepts discussed in training.

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On-the-job Coaching

Coaching on-the-job is carried out for skills taught in class room training. The objective of coaching is to help people apply the skills they learnt in the classroom. In the classroom, trainees learn the skills and in coaching they apply those skills in work situations. The benefit of classroom training lies in the trainee practicing those skills on-the-job. Coaching develops the needed confidence for practicing the skills.
Training is provided to Supervisors in coaching skills. This helps them fulfill their prime responsibility, that of, coaching their team members. How good a team is, in the necessary skills, depends upon how good a coach the team’s leader is.

Train the Trainer

We have conducted training for over two decades, in a variety of industries, for different hierarchical levels, and then coached people on-the-job in the skills presented in training. This has given us insights into the challenges faced by trainers and answers to those challenges. Our training methodology has therefore evolved over the years. We are thus placed in a unique position to talk about the skills that enhance effectiveness of training.
We can help in case of a specific training need like developing an internal training resource or in case of a general training need such as training supervisors in developing their teams.
In Train the Trainer Workshop we deal with what goes before training, conducting training and follow up after training.